Knitwear Manufacturer

We are leaders in creating, developing and manufacturing of knitted apparel products right from basic to highly fashioned garments thus responding to emerging trends in the industry. We translate the conceptual ideas of our customers into reality and shape them through our technical bent and professional acumen. The team here strongly believes that Customer satisfaction is the essence of business today. Justone has the technology with expertise, products with knowledge and most importantly the right mindset to achieve total customer satisfaction.

Justone The collection has a wide selection of quality garments including a T-shirt, Polo shirt, Jogging suit, Henley shirt, Raglan shirt, Tank top, Bikini, Shorts, Pants, and Sleepwear. Competent professional staff, a team of talented merchandisers, excellent supplies & support services, and state-of-the-art technology is the driving force behind Justone phenomenal growth in the past years.

Justone has expanded its operations to include the Internet and has taken advantage of the variety of international trade facilitated by the Web. Now Justone uses state-of-the-art client/server technology for it is market information processes to coordinate its network of global buyers and agents around the world.


As experts in screen printing t-shirts, we’re trusted to produce printed clothing for some of the World’s biggest brands. We have the capacity to produce 100,000 garments a week and have flexible printing methods. With our experience, we know no bespoke order is the same. If you’re a buyer for a national company or looking to get started with a small run, we’ve got an experienced team that can help make you a stress-free screen printed t-shirt solution that’s right for your company.


Heat Transfers provide imagery and text fused to fabric for permanent messaging and appeal. On the inside of a garment, they are a novel way to provide touch-soft, tag-free labeling with comfort that consumers will really appreciate. On the outside of a garment, heat transfer brand embellishments provide a powerful walking billboard for your brand.


Brand and logo woven labels add an air of luxury and aesthetic appeal to your products and can be produced in qualities to suit all budgets. Used for brand identification or product decoration, woven labels are an excellent way to emphasize quality and create elevated product differentiation.